High-quality hot water like a beauty serum

Please enjoy different kinds of bathing such as in a public bath and a private open-air bath.
The hot water at our inn contains a lot of metasilicic acid, which is said to create water for beautiful skin.

Open-air bath and public bathYuyukan


Open-air bath

Soak in the hot spring water, warm your whole body, and feel nature.

*The open-air bath is closed during the winter season from November to March to prevent accidents. Thank you for your understanding.


Public bath

The public bath contains metasilicic acid and activates skin metabolism to create smooth and beautiful skin.


[Morning] 7:00 - 10:00 [Afternoon] 19:00 - 22:00
*Open-air and indoor baths are available 24 hours
[Amenities for men]
Razor, comb, cotton swab, toothbrush, tonic, and liquid
[Amenities for women]
Comb, cotton swab, toothbrush, lotion, cleansing, face wash, milk lotion
[Both genders]
Hair dryer

Open-air bath in the woodsScent of wood

Scent of wood

Walking along the promenade leads into the woods from the accommodation building, where you will find a private open-air bath.
The sound of the breeze, the chirping of wild birds, the calls of insects...
Please enjoy a private bath in nature, escaping from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Scent of wood

Open-air bath in a bamboo forestSound of the wind

Sound of the wind

There is a private open-air bath surrounded by bamboo forest near the open-air bath in the woods. You can enjoy an elegant bath while gazing at the bamboo forest, a symbol of the heart of Japan.

Sound of the wind

Open-Air Bath

15:00 - 22:00 (Reservation required)
1,800 yen (including tax) per hour
  • If you would like to use it, please make a reservation at the front desk at least 30 minutes in advance
  • Guests with the all-inclusive plan can use it for free
  • Closed when the weather is bad

About the
hot springs

Tsuwabuki-no-Hana's hot springs contain a lot of metasilicic acid.

Enjoy quality hot springs with water like a beauty serum.

Hot spring
Quality of the spring water
Simple hot spring
The hot springs contain a lot of metasilicic acid, which is said to create water for beautiful skin. Metasilicic acid activates skin metabolism and leads to smooth, beautiful skin. It is also said to create water for beautiful skin because it has conditioning ceramides, an important ingredient for the skin.
Heals nerve pain, muscle plain, joint pain, stiff shoulders, motor paralysis, stiffness of joints, bruises, sprains, chronic digestive diseases, hemorrhoids, and sensitivity to coldness, and improves health and recovery from illnesses

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