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Inn feeling

  • The concept is. "Coexistence with nature, hot spring inn in Satoyama』

    The space reminiscent of the rural settlements of a small village is the original landscape of Japan that is being lost.
    There is a taste of a rural house in Furusato and a rich life of simple people.
    The vast site of 20,000 tsubo is like Togenkyo.
    Leave the modern, functional city and enjoy the good old days here.

    Also, the satoyama hot spring inn surrounded by nature, Tsuwabuki no Hana,
    We are also devising facilities to provide a healing moment.
    In the private vegetable garden of about 10,000 tsubo, various crops such as paddy fields, fields, orchards, and forests cultivated by Shiitake are grown.
    Depending on the season, you can also enjoy harvesting during your stay.
    You can observe the wild grasses and birds of the four seasons on the walking course on the vast site.

Tsuwabuki no Hana"passion of food" that is valued by Tsuwabuki no Hana

  • ① "Whippowder rice" made in the rice field in the garden

    "Water blown rice" raised carefully in the paddy field where the fresh water of the satoyama flows as it is.
    In order to have safe and secure rice,
    Instead of using pesticides, "Duck farming" is adopted.

    Aigamo swim and prey on paddy fields in search of insect pests and weeds.
    When you swim in a paddy field, the soil and water are agitated and oxygen is replenished in the paddy field, helping to grow rice.
    Therefore, there is no need to use pesticides such as herbicides and pesticides, and safe and secure rice can be harvested.
  • ② Chicken house "morning fresh egg"

    There is also a poultry house on the premises, where about 50 chickens are kept flat.
    The chickens stir or poke the ground all day to look for insects,
    I rub my body against the dug ground and bathe in the sand.
    In addition, without hiding eggs in a narrow place or restricting the original behavior of chickens
    By minimizing stress as much as possible, you can grow healthy and durable and lay good eggs.
    The gift from the chickens, "morning fresh eggs", is used for breakfast.
    Please enjoy the original taste of the eggs together with the cooked rice.
  • ③ "Orchard" to enjoy the fruit

    Various kinds of fruit trees are lined up on the hillside of the site.
  • Sonogi Tea is number one in Japan.

    At the `` Japanese tea AWARD 2019 '' that decides the best tea in Japan
    Sonogi Tea has been the best in Japan for three consecutive years.

    Facing Omura Bay, Higashisonogi cho has a nostalgic view of a rural area.
    Tea plantations spread on the slopes of the mountains where the sea breeze blows through.
    The environment where the temperature difference between day and night is large and the morning fog can enter in the spring,
    Abundant water from the Tara Mountains fosters high quality tea leaves,
    It produces a unique taste.

The feelings of "Tsuwabuki no Hana"

  • "Tsuwabuki no Hana" is a small wild flower that has yellow flowers similar to chrysanthemums every year from autumn to winter.
  • As a flower suitable for a hot spring inn in Satoyama that reproduces the original landscape of Japan,
    Feel the calmness of Japan
    The beauty of the contrast between the yellow flowers bloom in the cold winter season and the green leaves
    It is a flower that matches the original landscape of Japan.
    Leaves and stems are versatile plants that can be eaten and have been used as a herbal medicine since ancient times.
    This is why we Tsuwabuki no Hana"Tsuwabuki no Hana" as the inn name.