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The dishes are made from fresh, organic vegetables that are kind to the body.
Meals use plenty of organic vegetables every season harvested on their own farm.

Originally, the human body is best served with seasonal ingredients.
Enjoy spring, summer, fall and winter seasonal dishes.
You can also enjoy rice cooked in the furnace and fresh eggs every morning.

Satoyama Kaiseki Meal cuisine where you can enjoy the blessings of nature

  • Menu for July / August (One case)

       Summer menu *One case

              one,Aperitif refreshing fruit liquor
              One, appetizer Nagasaki Wagyu Beef and okra yuba roll raw sea urchin
              one,Eight Cun miso-zuke egg eel sushi sansho flavor
                    White fish and sweet and sour ginger dragon skin Naruto
                    Yam and summer vegetables with Tosa vinegar
                    Grilled conger with potato chips
              one,Thinly made flathead, raw tuna, plum meat, real tuna, whale song, live prawns
              1. Boiled bowl Aigamo roast and seasonal vegetables chilled pot tailoring
              one,Grilled sea bass pie wrapped in tomato flavor with grilled vegetables
              1. Shabu-shabu with strong conger and seasonal vegetables
              1. Steamed vegetables and mushrooms
              one,Soup and soup
              one,Water peach compote jelly

              *There are two people in the village. The contents may change slightly depending on the purchasing situation.
    • The kaiseki meal is being offered under the current plan.

      28,000 yen (tax included) to 39,000 yen(Tax included)
      Period available:
      Available Period:July to august (plans)
  • Past menu contents May / June 2021

       Spring menu *One case

              one,Aperitif Homemade fruit liquor
              one,Served with Nagaimo noodles and grilled eggplant
              one,Eight Casting tiger prawn chopped vegetable egg sauce
                    Sea urchin From Omura
                   Himeei screw soft boiled horse meat asparagus roll
              one,From Hirado Ibacus Shrimp
                    Toro water pirate
                   Striped beakfish thin whale bacon
              one,Boiled bowl Crab Makoto thin beans Grated seasonal vegetables
              one,Fried food Seasonal fresh sillaginidae tempura
                   Freshly picked small steamed corn
              one,Meat Nagasaki Wagyu Beef beef roast beef with hot vegetables
              one,Rice specially made wild vegetable chirashizushi
              I, soup, red miso soup
              one,Water thing Sonogi matcha water yokan Seasonal fruit
    • The menu will end in June 2021.

      28,000 yen (tax included) to 39,000 yen(Tax included)
      Period available:
      Available Period:May to June
  • Past menu contents March / April 2021

       Spring menu *One case

              one,Apéritif Seasonal apéritif
              one,Attached book kudzu sesame tofu
                    Eating soup stock with wasabi
              1. Appetizer Soaked thin beans and shrimp, Omura’s Mozuku Seaweed and yam plum meat
                    Firefly squid vinegar miso,Sakura bream kosode sushi
              one,Facing Hairtail,Lively sazae,Tuna,Assorted whales
              one,Clam tide tailoring
              one,Grilled tilefish, grilled tilefish, fried spring wild plants
              one,Meat Nagasaki Wagyu Beef Shabu-shabu
              one,Oiled homemade butterbur miso-grilled rice balls
              one,Miso soup
              one,Water Sonogi Matcha Mousse,Seasonal fruits
    • The menu will end in April 2021.

      28,000 yen (tax included) to 39,000 yen(Tax included)
      Period available:
      Available Period:March to April
  • Past menu contents January / February 2021

              one,Apéritif Seasonal apéritif
              one,Appetizer Abalone soft boiled,Sea cucumber with sleet
                     Child-bearing sweetfish Kanro-ni,Kumquat simmered,Octopus vinegar miso sauce
                     Tortoiseshell Kazunoko Matsumae
              one,Zori Flatfish thin,Water squid,Inshore tuna
              one,Bowls made with natural sea bream soup
              1. Roasted king crab, scallop and matsutake mushrooms in a kettle
              I, Nabemono Nagasaki Wagyu Beef and winter vegetables sukiyaki, freshly laid beaten eggs
              one,Oil Deep-fried conger eel from Tsushima,Fried shrimp potatoes
              one,Food Crab Pressed Sushi
              I, Miso soup with vegetables and nameko mushrooms
              one,Water seasonal fruits
    • *The menu will end in February 2021.

      28,000 yen (tax included) to 39,000 yen(Tax included)
      Period available:
      Available Period:January to February 
  • Past menu contents November / December 2020

              one,Apéritif fruit wine
              One, the appetizer turnip and persimmon mixed
              one,Eight Mackerel stick sushi dragon skin roll
                    Chestnut roasted roast,Small fish boiled in the rain
              one,Facing Live abalone,Assorted seasonal sashimi
              one,Lid taro bun silver ankake
              one,Assorted Nagasaki specialty whales
              one,Grilled Dish Grilled yellowtail,Grilled log shiitake mushrooms
              one,Meat Nagasaki Wagyu Beef loin steak,Served with hot vegetables
              one,Meal Homemade Karasumi Chazuke,Pickled Vegetables
              one,Water seasonal fruits
    • *The menu will end in December 2020.

      28,000 yen (tax included) to 39,000 yen(Tax included)
      Period available:
      Available Period:November to December 
  • Past menu contents October 2020

              one,Aperitif refreshing fruit liquor
              one,Appetizer Fig sesame Yuba sauce
              one,EightDimension Boiled peanuts, a specialty of Nagasaki/Grilled egg fukusa
                    Homemade karasumi of squid/Pickled conger
              one,Zori From Nagasaki lobster/Toro striped jack/Wife set 
              one,Boiled bowl This winter gourd soup tailored with chicken balls
              one,Strong appetizer Steamed crabs/Wakame cucumber with miso/Crab vinegar
              one,Meat Nagasaki Wagyu beef ceramic plate homemade sauce grilled/With seasonal vegetables and beaten eggs
              1. Steamed hijiki and chestnuts
              one,Stop bowl Ise lobster miso soup
              one,Water soy milk pudding sweet potato cream
    • *The menu will end in October 2020.

      28,000 yen (tax included) to 39,000 yen(Tax included)
      Period available:
      September to October 
  • Past menu contents     August 2020

              one,Aperitif refreshing fruit liquor
              First, grilled eggplant with light bean sashimi
              one,Appetizer shrimp kelp tightening
                    Ayu Kanro-ni
                    Boiled summer vegetables
              one,Zuri village white fish Zuri
                    Tatsuhira Zuri
                    Whale platter 
              one,Wakasa Chakoyaki
                    Tomato and vinegar on hot vegetables
              1、Steamed egg steamed tuna and vegetables
                    Ginger with silver sauce
              one,Strong side dish Nagasaki Wagyu Beef cold shabu
                    Homemade sesame pon with chopped vegetables
              one,Oiled food tempura
              1. Food, eel rice, red soup, miso soup
              Seasonal fruits and orange jelly
    • *The menu will end in August 2020.

      28,000 yen (tax included) to 39,000 yen(Tax included)
      Period available:
  • Past menu contents July 2020

              one,Aperitif refreshing fruit liquor
              1, chopsticks split new junsato and summer vegetables Tosa vinegar jelly
              one,Appetizer From Nagasaki bikai soft boiled
                    Confucius Hachiman roll
                    Small-tailed thigh muscle
                    Tachibana egg
              one,Facing thin seafood
                    Bunsen octopus with plum meat
                    Whale platter 
              one,Bowl of soup made with soup
              one,Cold bowl winter melon, water eggplant, shot tomato
                    Cold bowl of Aigamo roasted wine
              one,Grilled fish Ayuda Raku ware clear stream
              one,Meat Nagasaki Wagyu Beef Steak with hot vegetables
              1, fried fried eggplant and mitsuba
              one,Noodles hekicha somen
              one,Water, chilled fruits, seasonal fruits
    • *The menu will end in July 2020.

      28,000 yen (tax included) to 39,000 yen(Tax included)
      Period available:
      June to July
  • Past menu contents April 2020

       Spring menu *One case

              one,Aperitif Haruka's white sake
              one,Chopsticks chopsticks tofu
              one,Eight Dimensions bamboo shoots buds rice octopus yellow vinegar
                     Simmered sardines, Omura’s Mozuku Seaweed, homemade Kara sumi radish
              one,Facing  Seasonal white fish,tuna,Whale platter 
              one,Soup, shio soup, clams
              one,Steamed dolphins of cherry bream
              one,Strong side dish Nagasaki Wagyu Beef steak
              First, pottery Itoori Saikyo ware
              One, stand of From Nagasaki conger and spring vegetable tempura
              one,Omura Sushi Special Omura Sushi
              one,Soup whale juice           
              1. Sweets Seasonal fruits and today's sweetness
    • *It will be a kaiseki cooking course

      28,000 yen (tax included) to 39,000 yen(Tax included)
      Period available:
      March to April
  • Satoyama breakfast centered on vegetables from home garden and fresh eggs from the morning

                 ●〇● Cooking concept●〇●

               Morning in Satoyama where you can hear birdsong
          Focus on rice cooked at the furnace according to the customer's meal time
             Menu of homemade side dishes and easy-to-additive seasonings
           We will prepare breakfast with all your heart, which will be vital for an important day

             Breakfast menu(May change slightly depending on the season)

              Boiled vegetables and home-made ganmodoki
              one,Dashimaki egg
              one,Dried fish of local fish
              one,Grated radish
              one,Hot spring tofu condiment set
              one,Fresh vegetable salad
              1, freshly cooked in a furnace
              one,Freshly laid raw eggs
              one,Homemade pickles
              one,miso soup
              Smoothie made from seasonal fruits

              *Cuisine is subject to change due to seasonal and other conditions.