【Official】Tsuwabuki no Hana

Welcome to the Gicha Onsen Tsuwabuki no Hana.

In this place away from the city,
Surrounded by a quiet forest, a peaceful time flows.

All rooms are separate and separate
All guest rooms have an open-air bath where you can fully enjoy nature.
There is also a private open-air bath surrounded by forests and bamboo grove.

In the meal, with home grown vegetables grown in plenty of sunlight
The ones in the area where you can enjoy the seasonal Kyushu and Nagasaki
Serve in a completely private restaurant.

In this place that reproduces the original scenery of Japan
Please enjoy the atmosphere of a good old trip.

【April 9 NEW OPEN★】 "Villa Sonogi Glamping & Auto Camp』

  • \\Open on April 9, 2023! //

     "Villa Sonogi Glamping Auto Camp"
    Sunday, April 9, 2023 OPEN!

    Come empty-handed and enjoy a BBQ and a full-fledged outdoor experience.
    Enjoy movies and a wood burning stove in your room.
    A hot spring glamping villa opens in the forest of Sonogi.

    We will start taking reservations around the end of March.

Nationwide travel support “Furusato Heart Breathing Travel Campaign” restarts on January 10, 5th year of Reiwa

  • All plan booked on the Official website are eligible(~Until check-out on March 31, 2023)

    When making a reservation directly on the phone or on the Official website, use the "Nagasaki de Heart Breathing Trip Campaign"
    A prior request is required.

    At the time of check-in, it is necessary to submit an "accommodation fee discount application form and area limited coupon receipt".Please download it in advance, fill it out and bring it with you.(link below)

    When using the hotel, it is necessary to present a three-time vaccination history or a negative test result notification, as well as identification cards for all guests.(If you pay in advance by credit card, etc., you will not be eligible for the discount.)

    Please check each site for reservations such as Rakuten Travel and Jalan net.

【2nd Nagasaki Heart Breathing Journey]Precautions for use "From 4/4"

  • *Eligible:Nagasaki Prefecture,Saga Prefecture,Kumamoto Prefecture,Oita Prefecture,Miyazaki Prefecture,Residents of Kagoshima Prefecture

    【Frequently asked questions when using】

    ●Q. Is it OK to have the first and second vaccination certificates?
     A. At check-in, we will confirm that all customers have been vaccinated three times.
        *The third inoculation is possible from the day of inoculation

    ●Q. Is it okay to use a commercially available self-kit for PCR tests and qualitative antigen tests?
     A. Inspection using a commercially available self-kit is not possible.

    ●Q. Is credit card advance payment for online reservations also eligible?
     A. Please note that the discount is not applicable for pre-payment by credit card for online reservation.

    If you have any questions, please check the following Nagasaki Journey Net ➡.

The Official video of "Tsuwabuki no Hana" is now available! (YouTube)

  • Official YouTube of the inn "Tsuwabuki no Hana" has been created!

    The introductory video of "Tsuwabuki no Hana" has been completed!
    Official is open to the public on the YouTube

    Enjoy the seasonal taste of Kyushu and Nagasaki and Bihada-no-yu
    A separate inn with an open-air bath in all rooms.
    Tsuwabuki no Hana" that reproduces the original scenery of Japan
    Please enjoy the atmosphere of a good old trip.

About new coronavirus infection prevention

  • Our accommodation

    ・All rooms are equipped with indoor baths and open-air baths in the remote form, so you can enjoy the free flowing water.
    ・The large public bath has a large bathtub and there are two outdoor baths, so you can take a bath without being too dense.
    ・There will be no contact with other customers in the private room restaurant in the main building both evening and morning.
    ・At check-in and check-out, we will respond by social distance.
    ・Thoroughly measure the temperature of employees, wash hands and gargle, and waiters will wear a mask.

       *For details, please see the page "Efforts to Prevent New Corona Infections"

How to enjoy Tsuwabuki no Hana

  • Part 1 All rooms with open-air bath / Ultimate villa surrounded by nature

    How to enjoy in the guest room 

    ◆See the stars at midnight and listen to the birds singing early in the morning
       You can take a bath in the guest room open-air bath anytime 24 hours

    ◆With a ceiling without beams reminiscent of a rural villa
       You can relax while watching the surrounding nature(Kotatsu in winter)
  • Part 2 Enjoy various baths such as a public bath and a private bath

    How to enjoy the bath

     ◆ Bamboo Open-Air Bath in abundant nature at the "Forest Open-Air Bath open-air Forest Open-Air Bath" and "Bamboo Open-Air Bath open-air Bamboo Open-Air Bath".

     ◆ Beauty hot water with high moisturizing effect, rich in metasilicic acid
  • Part 3 Growing your tongue with vegetables and wild vegetables and fresh local fish from your own farm.

    How to enjoy cooking

     ◆ Fresh vegetables freshly picked at a private farm or a wild grass garden

     ◆ Enjoy plenty of Nagasaki Wagyu Beef with the best meat quality in Japan

     ◆ Monthly local fish of the season caught in the inshore waters

     ◆ Taste the silver shari and freshly laid eggs cooked in the furnace

New plan& recommended plan

  • 【2 Meals Included】"Drinks during your stay" x "Private bath" x "Morning egg experience" etc. ◆ All-inclusive plan

    ◇All inclusive◇・ ・ ・It is a stay style that you can enjoy as much as you like without worrying about your wallet, including usage fees such as meals, drinks, and private baths during your stay.

    ■1 "All-you-can-drink for dinner and breakfast"■Two<Free use of private bath & shampoo bar>
    ■3 "All-you-can-drink shochu after dinner" ■Four<Board game rental & experience of observing constellations>
    ■5 "Morning egg harvesting experience & farming tour" etc. are all included.
  • 5 minutes by car.A plan that comes with golf at the prestigious Omura Bay Country Club is now available!

    Omura Bay is a prestigious course long history with a view of Omura Bay and well-maintained.
    In addition, passenger carts equipped with navigation can run on fairways.
    It is a course where you can enjoy light golf because it is possible.

    There is Old course and New course of the plan


  • Part 4 Here is the origin of Japan, reminiscent of the hometown of Japan.

    How to enjoy here

     ◆ Interaction with nature that cannot be enjoyed in urban areas

     ◆ You can also experience at a private farm, mountain grass garden, orchard etc.

     ◆ A beautiful starry sky in a land nestled in a remote mountain forest

We have responded to customer requests

  • When moving within the premises, you can pick up and drop off with an electric cart.

    There are guest rooms and bathhouses in the main building, which is scattered on the site full of nature.
    In response to a customer's comment that "moving to a restaurant or public bath is difficult"
    This time, I bought an electric cart and started a pick-up service when moving.


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Hotel Name

Tsuwabuki no Hana


981 Suginoo, Hitotsuishigo, Higashisonogi Town, Higashisonogi County, Nagasaki Prefecture

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Affiliated Hotel Information

  • Omura Central Hotel

    Address:18-13 Higashi-Sanjo Town, Omura City, Nagasaki Prefecture

    ◆3 minutes walk from JR Omura Station
    ◆8 minutes by car from Nagasaki Airport
    ◆7 minutes by car from Omura IC on the highway
    ◆2 minutes walk to Omura Bus Terminal

    Transfer available(conditions)
    Limited to groups of 10 or more within 1 hour from the hotel. Advance reservation required.
    Please contact us for details.

Reservations and Inquiries

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